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Siva Palani

Siva Phot.jpgElectrochemical simulation software tools require quality material data and for these tools to be successful it is critical that technicians, worldwide are able to acquire this data in a consistent and robust manner. During his PhD, Siva developed unique apparatus and processes for measuring polarization data in thin film electrolytes. Building on this experience, Siva is a key contributor to the development of a measurement protocol being adopted by the US Navy Sea-based Aviation team.

Siva continues to specialize in the impact of galvanic corrosion between Al alloys (AA2024, AlCuLi, AlMgSc etc.) and CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) in aircraft service environments using computer modelling validated with his experimental data.

Prior experience

Airbus Operations GmbH: Project Engineer (Aviation- Material & Processes), HQ Materials & Processes , Bremen, Germany.

EADS: Research Engineer, Metallic Technologies and Surface Engineering Department, Munich, Germany

Nissan: Senior Development Engineer, Malaysia

Modeling, analytical and computational electrochemistry, including BEASY Corrosion Manager, GiD Pre & Post Processor, ElsYca CP Master, ElsYca Galvanic Master, Abaqus, SolidWorks, Tecplot, Maple, CATIA VR5, AUTOCAD, GNU Octave, Origin, SpaceVision.

Laboratory electrochemical techniques, including design of equipment (EU Patent Application EP2652478, WO2012079562 (2011) “Method and device for forming an electrolyte film on an electrode surface.”)


Ph.D. in Engineering, Free University of Brussels, Belgium

M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Computational Mechanics of Materials and Structures, Institute/University University of Stuttgart, Germany.

B.Sc.(Hons), Mechanical Engineering

University Tenaga Nasional University, Malaysia.

Recent presentations/publications

[1] S. Palani, T. Hack, J. Deconinck, H. Lohner: Validation of Predictive Model for Galvanic Corrosion under Thin Electrolyte Layers: An application to Aluminium 2024-CFRP material combination, Corrosion Science 78 (2014), pp. 89-100. DOI:

[2] R. Adey, T. Hack, A. Peratta, S. Palani, H. Lohner: Macroscale Galvanic Corrosion Modelling of an Aluminium Alloy, in: J. DeRose, T. Suter, T. Hack, R.A. Adey (Eds.), Aluminium Alloy Corrosion of Aircraft Structures: Modelling and Simulation, WIT Press, Southampton, 2013, pp.95-128. DOI: 10.2495/978-1-84564-752-0/07

[3] S. Palani, T. Hack, A. Peratta, R. Adey, H. Lohner: Modelling Approach for Galvanic Corrosion Protection of Multi-material Aircraft Structures In: DoD Corrosion Conference and NACE International 2011, California, USA, 2011.

[4] S. Palani, T. Hack, A. Peratta, R. Adey, J. Bayham, H. Lohner: Validation of a Galvanic Corrosion Model for AA2024 and CFRP with Localised Coating Damage. In: Eurocorr 2010, Moscow, Russian Federation, 2010.

A. Peratta, T. Hack, S. Palani, R. Adey, H. Lohner: Validation of a Galvanic Corrosion Computer Model for AA2024 and CFRP with Localised Coatings Damage. In: Corrosion Modelling for Life Prediction