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Corrdesa works with commercial clients in various industries to resolve problems associated with corrosion, coatings and REACH, all of which are interrelated.  Today hexavalent chromium is a major chemical concern, and most chromates can no longer be used in Europe without Authorization after the sunset date of September 21, 2017.  In the US chromate emissions are restricted by the EPA, and chromates in the workplace are heavily controlled by OSHA.

As companies grapple with loss of materials associated with REACH they discover that most corrosion resistant designs use coatings that rely on chromates for reducing corrosion of aluminum components and zinc coatings.  In the aerospace industry chromates of very heavily used to prevent corrosion of the aircraft skins, airframes, landing gear, and many other critical aircraft components.  As companies look for alternatives, sooner or later they rediscover Legg’s Law.

Legg's Law: Any material chemically active enough to inhibit corrosion is also chemically active enough to be an environmental or health hazard.

Example:  One of our clients is a multinational manufacturer producing a wide variety of industrial and consumer products, who like most other multinationals, are dealing with all of the issues associated with REACH and chromates.  Corrdesa provides assistance to their Chromate Alternatives Team, working out how best to replace chromates throughout their various product lines.