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Corrdesa introduces Dalistick™ No Mess Brush Plating Technology

Why brush plate with a quill pen when you could use a felt tip?
What is it worth to avoid OSHA citations for Cd and hex Cr violations?

Corrdesa, Newnan, GA has teamed up with Dalic, France to debut the innovative Dalistick™ non-drip brush plating technology.

The Dalistick™ selective electroplating tool is a no leak, no drip, clean and safe unit which combines the portability of brush plating with the accuracy of tank plating. The Dalistick™ process saves time and money by minimizing preparation time for masking and damming and eliminating the need to set up drip trays. The tool can be used in any position on curved, horizontal or vertical surfaces. It can even be used directly overhead without dripping on the operator, the floor, or into the aircraft.

This practical tool minimizes exposure to harmful chemicals by recycling the electrolyte in a closed circuit between reservoir and plating tool, ensuring no leakage and considerably reducing clean-up time and the volume of hazardous waste disposal after repair.

Some applications:

  • Corrosion protection on steel and aluminum (Cd, ZnNi)
  • Repair of scratches or corrosion pitting (Ni, ZnNi)
  • Resizing after wear Ni, anodizing
  • Preparation of surfaces before bonding on aluminum with chromic or sulfuric acid anodizing

The tool has been designed to European safety standards and is qualified by ISO9001. It is already widely used around the world by Airbus, Air France, Emirates, Lufthansa, Eurocopter, Safran, and the French and US Air Forces.

Corrdesa, established in 2011 by Dr Alan Rose and Dr Keith Legg, introduce new corrosion mitigation technologies to the sustainment community. The founders combine over 50 years of practical experience in coatings and corrosion.

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Job Opportunities at Corrdesa

I am very pleased to say that Corrdesa continues to grow and we are looking for another CFD analyst to contribute to our Research, Development and consultancy work in corrosion simulation and mitigation at our new premises in Tyrone Ga (30 mins SW of Atlanta airport).  A detailed job description can be accessed at: 

CFD Analysis Engineer.pdf




2016 NASF Fellow Awards. Alan Rose (second from the left) along with the other award Fellows. To see the entire list click HERE

Corrdesa is pleased to announce that CEO Alan Rose (PhD, Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (UK)) has been made an NASF Fellow.  The awards ceremony took place at the recently completed SURFIN 2017 Manufacturing Technology Trade Show & Conference in Atlanta, GA.

The NASF Fellow Award recognizes NASF members who have shown outstanding service, and contribution to the advancement of the surface finishing industry.  Dr Rose has 30 years of professional engineering experience in the successful implementation of computational engineering simulation tools, computational fluid dynamics, and associated Best Practices.  He has been instrumental in the growing acceptance of computational corrosion prediction in various industries including aerospace and defense.

Corrdesa is proud that its two partners, Alan Rose, and Keith Legg (CTO), are both NASF Fellows! 

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