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Corrosion Analysis and Optimization

Galvanic Series Chart.jpgIn every other aspect of design engineering we use computational methods and modeling to understand the issues and optimize the design.  Designers model stress, heat flow, fluid flow, etc., but when it comes to corrosion, which is usually the primary failure mechanism, they guess, based on tribal knowledge such as galvanic table shown here.

Corrdesa’s approach is to bring the corrosion protection engineering into the 21st century.  Tribal knowledge is not very helpful when dealing with new materials, such as composites.  It does not help when you are forced to abandon chromated zinc, cadmium, chromate conversion, chromated primers and all the other traditional coatings used for corrosion protection.

Djinn Logo.JPGWe treat each product as a system of interconnected materials, coatings, and treatments that together provide the corrosion, wear, and engineering strength that the product requires. Our toolset includes Corrosion Djinn™, a user-friendly tool the design engineer can use with little or no training to evaluate galvanic and self-corrosion risk Corrosion modeling, using the latest Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tools to identify the location and severity of corrosion, combined with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to understand corrodent ingress and penetration, condensation, and evaporation.