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Testing – only test the best

TConnector corrosion male.JPGesting is one of the slowest and most expensive parts of validating a new coating or design.  Because you have no idea which protection system will work best (especially with many of the new hex Cr-free treatments), you end up testing a dozen alternatives.  But modeling is a far quicker and less expensive way to zero in and test only the best options.  Combining testing with modeling provides a way of validating the model and guiding the testing and evaluation to ensure that the most critical areas are fully evaluated.

Example:  Radiall, a French connector manufacturer, was considering replacing Cd plating on electrical connectors with Electroless Nickel-PTFE.  Corrdesa and Radiall worked together to evaluate this approach, considering how connector with the new coating would interact with existing Cd plated connectors and with aluminum airframes and electrical boxes.  The simulation, validated by laboratory testing, showed that the electroless nickel plated connector would cause severe galvanic corrosion of any existing Cd-plated connector mated to it, as well as to aluminum electrical boxes and airframe components, depending on the alloy.  As a result Radiall decided not to go forward with this approach, saving extensive development and testing time and cost.