Ready to Roll… and Repair! Dalistick® Systems for F-35 Sustainment from Corrdesa

For years, the solution to repairing aerospace coatings has required a lengthy grounding of aircraft in order to perform the repairs. No one wants to dismantle an in-demand aircraft to repair it for corrosion- and now we don’t have to. Dalistick® Systems, in a portable cart, are ready to roll and have already begun shipping out to fulfill the needs of customers. Corrdesa has completed over half of its contract for Lockheed Martin to supply an initial 50 units, with options for 40+ per year for the following 3 years, to equip the growing number of F-35 squadrons around the world.

To read the full press release, click here, Ready to Roll… and Repair! Dalistick® Systems for F-35 Sustainment from Corrdesa


Corrdesa will be presenting at AeroMat 2022

ASM International is hosting AeroMat 2022 in-person March 15-17 at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. . This conference will focus on research and development enabling next-generation aerospace materials. Alan Rose will be presenting the following two papers;

Paper Title: Supporting your Corrosion Prevention Control Plan with Compliant Computational Corrosion Analysis (ID #55176)
Session Title: Failure Analysis of Aerospace Components I
Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Presentation Time: 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Room: 106

Paper Title: Mobile, Non-Drip, Brush Plating and Anodizing Repairs (ID #55172)
Session Title: Advances in Coatings and Surface Modification I
Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2022
Presentation Time: 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Room: 106



Corrdesa's CTO, Dr. Keith Legg presents at SUR/FIN 2021

Dr. Keith Legg will present, Blum Lecture: Modeling and Simulation for the Finishing Industry, at SUR/FIN 2021 on Tuesday, November 2nd at 14:15 Eastern USA.

Modeling and Simulation (M&S) has become an integral part of modern design and manufacturing. Today, no major product is designed without the use of M7S. In the past we put scale models of aircraft and cars in wind tunnels, and used smoke to track the airflow. Today, we use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to understand exactly how the air flows under all possible conditions, calculating drag and lift in air vehicles or drag and road holding in road vehicles. We use stress analysis to ensure every part of the vehicle is robust and structurally sound, and heat flow analysis to design its engine, cooling system and passenger space.

For a long time the plating and surface finishing industry has been able to get by without complex (M&S), because the processes and equipment for surface finishing, and requirements for surface finishes were not overly complex. But in the past years the complexity has increased significantly due to environmental regulations, cost and performance, and robotics. Simple electroplates such as Zn and Cd are being replaced by ZnNi, hard chrome is giving way to trivalent chrome, alternative electroplates and thermal sprays, while chromate conversion is being replaced by non-hexavalent materials that are often more sensitive to process conditions and therefore harder to use. Even paints are changing to reduce volatile organics and chromates, and painting is becoming automated, while soon a host of minor constituents of paints and adhesives will suddenly find themselves orphaned by REACH regulations and have to be replace.

This talk will examine what other industries are doing, see what is most pertinent to Surface Finishing, discuss capabilities and limitations, possibilities and caveats, and hopefully provide some guidance on how the Surface Finishing industry can quickly and profitably adopt the most useful M&S for the 21st century.


Upcoming MIL-STD-889D Webinars

In the upcoming webinars we will present and discuss the challenges in implementing a consistent corrosion analysis capability across enterprises. We will introduce a workflow that incorporates a quick galvanic corrosion calculation using the Corrosion Djinn® software, developed from our DoD work and fully compliant with MIL-STD-889D.

Additionally we will show how full 3-dimensional, deeper dive corrosion analyses can be conducted using the Siemens Teamcenter® and multi-physics software CCM+ combined with the Corrdesa electrochemical database to predict corrosion rate maps over 3D CAD components. This process will be demonstrated with examples of computational corrosion analysis on F/A-18 components.

Webinar Dates & Times
  • 16th September Thursday - 15:00 Eastern USA (19:00 GMT)
  • 17th September Friday - 09:00 Eastern USA (13:00 GMT)
  • 28th September Tuesday - 07:00 Eastern USA (11:00 GMT)
  • 30th September Thursday - 22:00 Eastern USA (14:00 GMT)


Corrdesa will be presenting at MegaRust 2021

The American Society of Naval Engineers is hosting MegaRust 2021 in-person September 21-23 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, VA. This conference will provide an informed forum for dialogue between government and commercial organizations, and providers of coatings and corrosion control products, processes, technologies and solutions. Alan Rose will be presenting the following two papers;

Wednesday 22 September, Technical Session 4


Supporting your Corrosion Prevention Control Plan with Compliant Computational Corrosion Analysis

Thursday 23 September, Technical Session 6


Mobile, Non-Drip Brush Plating and Anodizing Repairs

Click here to download: Corrdesa Megarust Abstracts Sept-21


Dr. Alan Rose will represent Corrdesa with 'Tech Talk' and booth at Sea-Air-Space 2021 Conference

Dr. Alan Rose will be representing Corrdesa with two Tech Talks at the Sea-Air-Space Conference held at the Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center in National Harbor, Maryland from 02-04 August 2021.

Dr. Rose’s ‘Tech Talks’ will be held in the Maryland Room, Maryland Ballroom, on Monday,  August 02:

10:00am ‘Selective Electroplating Technology Improvement (SETI)’

10:15am ‘Optimized Galvanic Corrosion Control of Repair Bushings and Fasteners Utilizing Advanced Performance Organic Coatings’

Tuesday, August 03 -Corrdesa will a space reserved in the Exhibitor Hall at the DoN Forum for SBIR/STTR Transition- Navy FST Booth.  


Corrdesa is presenting to the EPSRC Network for Digitalised Surface Manufacturing in the UK

9 July 2021 at 11am EST, Corrdesa will be making a presentation to the EPSRC Network for Digitalised Surface Manufacturing in the UK.

The webinar will be covering Progress in Corrosion Modelling for prediction, mitigation and repair.

In this presentation Alan will discuss the challenges in implementing corrosion
analysis capabilities across enterprises. This will be supplemented with an
introduction and demonstration of corrosion analysis tools using examples.

Join the webinar on the 9th July 2021 at 11am EST:


Lockheed Martin Purchases 50 Dalistick® Systems for F-35 Sustainment from Corrdesa

News 1

We are excited to announce our latest project. Corrdesa is now under contract to supply an initial 50 Dalistick® units to Lockheed Martin, with options for 40+ per year for the following 3 years, to equip the growing number of F-35 squadrons around the world. 

The Dalistick® plating unit is designed as a closed-loop system that pumps electrolyte from the bottle, through the plating tool where it repairs the aircraft, and back into the bottle for clean, no-touch disposal when it is depleted.

To read more click below for the full press release.


New Paradigm Galvanic Corrosion Spec MIL-STD-889D to launch in 2021

 Briefings presented by NAVAIR at ASETSDefense 2020, MIL-STD-889D Overview by Victor Rodriguez-Santiago , show how the DoD has been changing the primary military specification for galvanic corrosion control, getting rid of galvanic tables and replacing them with the calculated galvanic current between each pair of materials.

The new MIL-STD-889D specification contains “Mileage Charts” showing the calculated galvanic current at the interface between different metals and between different coatings.

Corrdesa’s Corrosion Djinn® already meets MIL-STD-889D to give corrosion rates between any two materials/coatings. Djinn allows you to quickly determine the galvanic current between any two materials, including composites, metal filled primers, and coatings.


NAFEMS CAASE20 Presentations available for download!

One of our objectives is to make our website a resource for organizations and persons interested in applying computational simulation techniques to electrochemical processes, such as corrosion, electroplating, electrochemical machining (ECM) etc.

Consequently we have updated our Resource page with papers and presentations.  With their kind permissions we have just uploaded our NAFEMS CAASE 2020 presentations ( );


We are pleased to welcome Miranda Peyton to our team as an associate scientist! 


Dr. Alan Rose and Dr. Keith Legg speak at SERDP-ESTCP Symposium

The Symposium is an annual event showcasing technologies to meet environmental regulations such as REACH and OSHA.

Dr. Keith Legg, CTO of Corrdesa, ran the “REACH Short Course – Practical Effects and Approaches” and discussed “ Accelerated Test and Evaluation for Materials Qualification“, a rapid approach for qualifying non-chromate alternatives, etc. In addition, Dr. Legg  ran an informal side meeting on the deposition of LHE ZnNi, which is displacing Cd for corrosion protection of aircraft landing gear, actuators, etc. 

Dr. Alan Rose, CEO of Corrdesa, presented ” ZnNi and Tagnite Performance on Complex Parts -Corrosion Risk Mapping “, a briefing on modeling of LHE ZnNi deposition. Dr. Rose demonstrated the importance of computationally designed tooling for electroplating, and the effect of current density variations on the properties of the coating. In particular,  Dr. Rose showed that ZnNi is not a sacrificial coating in low current density areas – often exactly those areas where sacrificial corrosion protection is most needed.


New Webinar Available! Learn how to comply with the NEW standards for corrosion protection.


In July, Corrdesa’s Dr. Alan Rose joined Knovel for the webinar, Complying with the New Standard of Corrosion Protection, to talk about significant changes to the MIL-STD-889 covering dissimilar metals and galvanic corrosion. In this webinar, Dr. Rose explains the latest findings which show that galvanic corrosion is best determined by galvanic current between materials, not by potential difference. He also reviewed key changes in the dissimilar metals and galvanic corrosion standard (MIL-STD-889C), currently in development. Learn how to comply with the new standards of corrosion protection.  You can access the Webinar at the link below. 

Comply with New Standard of Corrosion Protection: Galvanic Series MIL-STD-889D


We are pleased to welcome Dr. Vinod Upadhyay to our team as a scientist! 


On-Demand Webinar now available!

Last week, Corrdesa teamed with Siemens to jointly present a webinar on corrosion simulation tools. For people that missed the webinar but are still interested in watching, it is now available On-Demand Webinar here: ‘Tackling the trillion-dollar problem of corrosion and aircraft durability in harsh conditions’.


News 2“Can we win the race to replace hex chrome before the REACH authorizations run out?”

Most REACH Authorizations only extend to 2024, and it is quite possible that some Authorizations may be struck down by the European Court of Justice well before then (as one already has)…. Find out more by attending Dr. Keith Legg’s talk at the Colloque Aerotechnique conference in Montreal at 11:15 am on Wednesday Oct 16. 


Live Webinar | 17 October 2019 | 2 Sessions Available

News 3

‘Tackling the trillion-dollar problem of corrosion and aircraft durability in harsh conditions’.

Led by Durrel Rittenburg and our own Alan Rose- learn how a combined CFD and corrosion tool kit analysis can help achieve more robust designs. They will demonstrate how early design analysis can help engineering make better decisions mitigating potentially costly corrosion problems before they happen.


Corrdesa is attending DoD Allied Nations Technical Corrosion Conference

We’ll be presenting the following papers at the conference:

8/13/19   8:20AM  “Using simulation to help understand differences between corrosion in atmospheric environments and accelerated chamber tests” (CC room 1/2)

8/13/19  9:40AM  “Three-dimensional electrochemical modeling of anodic aluminum rich primer” (CC room 4)

8/13/19  10:00AM  “Computation Corrosion Analysis Guides Material Choice from Design through Sustainment” (CC room 4)

8/14/19   8:40AM  “Non-drip Selective Plating and Anodizing for Aircraft” (CC room 4)

We are attending DoD Allied Nations between August 12th and 15th in the Cox Convention Centre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!


Why we use Siemens STAR-CCM+

By connecting the Corrdesa electrochemical database with Siemens STAR-CCM+ we can now assess corrosion risk using 3D models – enabling us to continue tackling the huge and costly corrosion issues.

Watch this video to find out more about how and why we use this fantastic tool


News 4

Dr Keith Legg has been awarded the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) highest honor

This award is for recognition of contributing to the advancement of theory and practice of surface finishing and allied arts, raising the quality of processes and products, and enhancing the status of the profession. 


Dr Keith Legg will be at SUR/FIN 2019

Corrdesa’s CTO Keith Legg will be presenting twice at SUR/FIN 2019 in Rosemont, Illinois! The first presentation will be “On-Aircraft Non-Drip Selective Anodizing” at 12pm on June 4th and the second will be “Updates on Galvanic Corrosion MIL-STD-889 and New Corrosion Test Development” also on June 4th and both will be held in Meeting Room 4.

If you’re attending SUR/FIN this year add Keith’s presentations to your planner! Presentation 1 here and presentation 2 here! Both presentations are on Track Session 11 ‘High Reliability Aerospace and Defense Processes’.


Introducing Dalistick Non-drip selective anodizing for on-aircraft repair

Corrdesa is the US distributor for Dalic, the French company that invented the non-drip plating and anodizing technology, which uses a  closed-loop system to selectively anodize or electroplate, even overhead. The nondrip technology uses airflow to hold the electrolyte in the plating tool and on the surface, avoiding the need for seals or dams. Find out more about the tool here or contact us!

At MRO Americas we’re showing how the latest non-drip brush plating technology ensures low waste, low emissions but the highest product quality. The machines can be used on-aircraft in small spaces and overhead areas, without chemicals dripping onto equipment, operators, or the  floor.


News 5

We're ready for MRO Americas in Atlanta, GA

Between April 9th and 11th, come along to booth 110  to find out more about the Dalistick D.1000! If you are unable to attend, click here and contact us with any questions!


Corrdesa attended NACE 2019

Whilst in Nashville at Corrosion 2019, Corrdesa gave many demonstrations of Corrosion Djinn and provided new connections with free trials to try back in their own environment. It has never been easier to explore possible coating protection options for product designs. We are looking forward to receiving their feedback soon.

Attending NACE Corrosion 2019 was a great experience and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our quick, accurate galvanic corrosion prediction tool – Corrosion DjinnTM. Our presentations were well attended and can be found on our resources page.


News 6

We are all set up for NACE Corrosion 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Between March 25th and March 28th, come along to booth 2648 for a demonstration of Corrosion Djinn and receive a free trial!


Galvanic Corrosion Protection: Those Old Galvanic Potential Tables Are Finally Being Replaced

The galvanic potential tables people have been using for years often give the wrong answer. Now the U.S. Navy is taking a new approach and updating MIL-STD-889, the galvanic corrosion standard, replacing galvanic charts and tables with corrosion rate calculations. What does this mean for industry?

Have a read of our white paper to find out more about the changes to MIL-STD-889. The paper can be accessed here.


Corrdesa will be presenting: Using simulation to understand the difference between corrosion in atmospheric environments and chamber tests at NACE Corrosion 2019 on March 27th in Nashville

To read the full abstract please visit the presentation page on the NACE website


News 7
Alan Rose will be presenting "Corrosion Prediction and Testing for Aerospace and Defense" alongside representatives from Southwest Research, NAVAIR and Boeing at NACE Corrosion 2019

Alan will be presenting “Corrosion Prediction and Testing for Aerospace and Defense” on March 26 at NACE 2019 which is taking place in Nashville, Tennessee. Find out more here. Corrdesa will also have a booth at NACE so come and see us in Booth #2648!


The Simcenter conference was very interesting, providing a great opportunity to learn more about the present software tools and also the trends in future development. One key takeaway for Corrdesa was the presentation on ‘Design Manager’ – this is a very powerful tool allowing easy setup of many simulations to more thoroughly explore the design space. So now we have changed out engineering workflow to think in more of a stochastic framework of many simulations and ranges of parameters instead of deterministic simulations of one scenario after the other. This approach really leverages the power of our computing cluster and provides much more optimum solutions to our clients.

Alan’s corrosion simulation presentation was very well received  with many questions and follow-up meetings. Much of the  Siemens Simcenter community were unaware of the existence of the electrochemical modules within CCM+ and in particular the advances made in corrosion prediction. 

The presentation is available here showing how the ‘1D’ approach of Corrdesa Corrosion Djinn can be leveraged to assess corrosion risks in materials selection and then further refinement made in more complex designs with the use of CCM+ employing the Corrdesa electrochemical database


We would like to welcome Dr Julio Mendez to our team as a CFD engineer! 


Corrdesa visited NAVAIR, Jacksonville. Read this article or watch this video to find out more!


We won an award! Our Corrosion Djinn software won the Corrosion Innovation of the year award for Galvanic Corrosion Risk Prediction in the materials design category. See the full article here.