Career opportunity

Growth has led us to the point where we now require the dedicated commitment of a full time Sales Engineer to structure, execute and grow sales in our software and consultancy business streams.

Please see here for more information about the role and to apply


The Simcenter conference was very interesting, providing a great opportunity to learn more about the present software tools and also the trends in future development. One key takeaway for Corrdesa was the presentation on ‘Design Manager’ – this is a very powerful tool allowing easy setup of many simulations to more thoroughly explore the design space. So now we have changed out engineering workflow to think in more of a stochastic framework of many simulations and ranges of parameters instead of deterministic simulations of one scenario after the other. This approach really leverages the power of our computing cluster and provides much more optimum solutions to our clients.

Alan’s corrosion simulation presentation was very well received  with many questions and follow-up meetings. Much of the  Siemens Simcenter community were unaware of the existence of the electrochemical modules within CCM+ and in particular the advances made in corrosion prediction. 

The presentation is available here showing how the ‘1D’ approach of Corrdesa Corrosion Djinn can be leveraged to assess corrosion risks in materials selection and then further refinement made in more complex designs with the use of CCM+ employing the Corrdesa electrochemical database


We would like to welcome Dr Julio Mendez to our team as a CFD engineer! 


Corrdesa visited NAVAIR, Jacksonville. Read this article or watch this video to find out more!


We won an award! Our Corrosion Djinn software won the Corrosion Innovation of the year award for Galvanic Corrosion Risk Prediction in the materials design category. See the full article here.